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The Grow4it System


"The LED lights working in conjunction with the seed trays/root spas provide an extraordinary approach to growing abundant amounts of produce in a relatively compact space and in a reduced time period. We really love our new Grow4It system and would recommend it to anyone else that takes their growing seriously!"

John & Franziska - Colorado


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The water conservation system

Your Grow4it plants get reliable watering with ground-up irrigation! The unique patented Waterwick system is a high-performance, self-watering mat made of four layers. Together, the layers assure even distribution of water from pot to pot and prevent surface evaporation.

The top UV-resistant layer, lets water through while keeping roots out. Next, a fluffy evaporation block prevents surface evaporation and allows capillary uptake when compressed by the weight of the pots. The third layer, a super-absorbent felt mat, promotes uniform circulation of water in all directions. The bottom water-tight plastic sheet covers the ground or greenhouse shelf and prevents water from seeping out, so no water is wasted. It’s easy to keep your plants perfectly watered with the Waterwick system.

• Uses 60% less water compared to conventional systems
• Accelerates plant growth by up to 35%
• Eliminates most runoff



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