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"The LED lights working in conjunction with the seed trays/root spas provide an extraordinary approach to growing abundant amounts of produce in a relatively compact space and in a reduced time period. We really love our new Grow4It system and would recommend it to anyone else that takes their growing seriously!"

John & Franziska - Colorado


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Grow4it starts with a top-rate greenhouse

Solexx™ Greenhouse
The Grow4It growing magic begins with the Solexx greenhouse! The unique Solexx growing environment starts with properly diffused light. This bright, yet soft and gentle light protects precious plants and seedlings from harsh, burning sun rays. Your plants will thrive in the perfect light range for rapid, lush growth. Solexx is also known for its high insulation values. Rated better than 8mm triple-wall polycarbonate, your plants will be cozy on frosty mornings and keep their cool as the temperature climbs on warm spring days. Designed by a plant scientist and biologist, no other greenhouse provides the gentle, diffuse light and insulation protection you will find in your Solexx greenhouse. As a wonderful haven from gloomy, winter and early spring days, you’ll love working in it as much as your plants love growing in it!

solexx shelvesSolexx Built-in Bench Frames and Wire Shelves
Another Solexx advantage is the maximum growing space provided with built-in bench frames and custom designed wire shelves to cover them. The Solexx strong and sturdy shelves will hold a total of 2000 pounds of plants in a tiny 8’x8’ space. The wire racks are UV treated, water proof and easy to clean providing you with years of happy, greenhouse gardening.

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