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The Grow4it System


"The LED lights working in conjunction with the seed trays/root spas provide an extraordinary approach to growing abundant amounts of produce in a relatively compact space and in a reduced time period. We really love our new Grow4It system and would recommend it to anyone else that takes their growing seriously!"

John & Franziska - Colorado


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What is Grow4it?

Grow4it HarvestGrow4it is a revolutionary food growing greenhouse system. It includes everything you need to quickly and easily grow an abundant supply of healthy, fresh food for a family of four…all year long. Each element of the system is designed with the most up to date technology to maximize growth and make growing easy. It’s simple to use with a 4 step process: Germinate, Root, Grow, and Harvest!

Not only does Grow4it put food on the table, it also is designed to grow food packed with nutrients and flavor. We thoroughly studied the keys to healthy and tasty food to make sure the produce grown in the Grow4it system would be packed with vital nutrients. The unique blend of nutrients included with Grow4it make your harvest incredibly healthy and the flavor is out of this world!

Grow4it starts with the greenhouse. The Solexx Garden Master Greenhouse is used for its fantastic insulating features, light diffusion and space. No other greenhouse has this combination of features to provide the perfect environment for your plants and efficient use of growing space. Read more about Solexx >>

Grow4it is a completely soilless system. All stages of Grow4it are designed for vigorous root development. Highly fibrous roots take in water and nutrients more effectively, so your plants are vigorous and healthy producing higher yields.

Healthy and efficient
• Enjoy organic, pesticide-free produce loaded with nutritional value and flavor
• Feed a family of four with extra food to share
• Grow food faster than traditional methods
• Simple enough for the entire family to use
• Easy rotational method for an endless harvest most, if not all of the year
• Automated for ‘no-hassle’ gardening
• Saves money on high-priced produce

Sustainable design
• Locally grown food reduces fossil fuels
• Low-energy heating and lighting—ability to power “off the grid”
• Much less water consumption than a typical garden
• Automated components save resources
• Renewable, all-natural growing medium
• Reduced use of natural resources saves money

Please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page for even more information about Grow4it.

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Key Components
Solexx Greenhouse
LED Grow Lights
WaterWick Mats

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