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"The LED lights working in conjunction with the seed trays/root spas provide an extraordinary approach to growing abundant amounts of produce in a relatively compact space and in a reduced time period. We really love our new Grow4It system and would recommend it to anyone else that takes their growing seriously!"

John & Franziska - Colorado


  » 4 Easy Growing Stages

Grow4it™ Four Step Process:

Growing food is easy with Grow4it's 4 simple growing stages. Start by rooting up to 108 seedlings at a time in a heated nutrient bath. The plants grow amazing, huge root structures in a matter of days. The rooted plants are then dropped into the FlexiPots filled with a soilless and nutrient-rich medium. The plants continue to grow and thrive in the Flexipot to maturity and are watered automatically on the WaterWick Mat .

You'll be harvesting fresh, nutritious produce in no time! Above all, with the protection and the advanced lighting of the Solexx™ Garden Master Greenhouse, you can repeat the 4 stage process throughout the year for an endless supply of fresh food. Learn about each stage in detail below.

Stage 1: Seeding

SeedingGerminating made easy! With no media to mix, simply drop your seeds into the SmartStart™ Seed Cubes and add water to the tray for precision bottom watering (water wicks up as it is needed). Made of all-natural and organic materials, the seed cubes provide the right amount of air, moisture and protection. Seeds germinate quickly in the seed cubes and develop strong roots—getting off to the perfect start.

Seedling Stage Overview:

•Seeds are dropped into a moist SmartStart Seed Cube and kept moist.

• Seeds develop quickly and should be placed under a grow light once sprouted (to keep the stems strong). Continue in the Seedling Phase until the first true leaves are formed and you can see roots coming through the sides and bottom of the seedling cubes.

Seed Cubes Seed Tray

Stage 2: Rooting

RootingNext, seed cubes are moved to the RootSpa™ to develop strong roots for nutrient uptake. The RootSpa creates robust roots by bathing them in warm, nutrient-rich water. These vigorous roots will channel energy and nutrition to the food that ultimately ends up on your table.

Highly efficient LED grow lights hang above to create healthy, compact vegetative growth. Automatic water, food and lighting (programmed on an optional timer) mean you save time and plants get what they need to thrive.

Rooting Stage Overview:

• Seed cubes are placed into the net pots to get ready for the rooting stage.

• LED lights help give plants added ‘daylight’ hours during shorter winter months. Seedlings are rooted in the Seedlings are rooted in the RootSpa until roots have grown a couple inches outside the net pot.

Root Cup rooting

Stage 3: Growing

flexipotsTo start the growing stage, simply drop your rooted plants into a FlexiPot™ (a portable, breathable, water-absorbing container) filled with a natural, nutrient-rich medium. Because there is no transplanting, roots remain undisturbed—creating thousands of root tips and minimizing plant shock. Plants absorb nutrients and wick water from automated watering mats (WaterWick™ Mats) as they need it—they practically take care of themselves!

Growing Stage Overview:

• Once your plants have a well-established root system, they are placed into a layered coir and nutrient mixture in a FlexiPot.

• The planted Flexipots are placed on water wicking mats for automatic ground up, no-hassle watering.

Soilless Mixture Waterwick Mats

Stage 4: Harvesting

Enjoy the HarvestMove mature crops outdoors each season to make room for new starts. Portable FlexiPots never need replanting. Simply place them on a patio, in a decorative container, or nestle them between landscape plants.

Lush organic beds require years to develop. With Grow4it, you have a lush garden the first year. Skip the hard work, so you can enjoy the harvest! Harvest directly from the pot and you’re ready to prepare your next meal, start your next Grow4it crop and reap the fresh, healthy and tasty benefits. Simply eat and repeat!

Harvesting Stage Overview:

• Move your Flexipots out of the greenhouse and set up your garden wherever it is convenient for you.

• Enjoy a bountiful harvest of your favorite fruits and vegetables. The grow4it 4-stage process results in a tasty, nutrient-dense harvest. Defy nature and have the first ripe tomato on the block - and the last!

Grow4it Garden Tomatoes


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